A downloadable game for Windows

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments. 

Install instructions

Extract zip file and open the executable. 


Witchdoc.zip 54 MB


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Neat game! I really liked the aesthetic and the concept. I've always wanted to play as specter knight! Ha, ha. Using the potions was a bit difficult. Also, I couldn't figure out how to progress at the blue cave.

Nice work, but I suggest next time that you look for a playtester right from the getgo.

Thank you for the feedback! Im planning on making this into a real game so if you are interested in testing the game for yourself ill be posting a link to that on my twitter when its ready. Again thanks i really appreciate that.

Oh, totally! I'd be down for that. Still, for a game like this, a platformer, I'd recommend you looked for the help of friends live or people who can stream, so you can see them play it in real time. It'll probably give you much more useful feedback than someone who can only give notes. I can look up how to stream tho, must not be too hard.